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Camden Gardens Sculpture Park

Our aim is to transform Camden Gardens from a misused site into a safe and attractive arts hub, containing a self-funding café, bar and multi-use venue, with the facilities to accommodate a wide range of engaging cultural and communal events.

We envision a creative epicentre for the immediate local community as well as for our borough as a whole, using the Roundhouse, the Serpentine Galleries and the Dalston Curve Garden as inspiration.

We have an opportunity to develop and nourish these historic gardens, and to turn a consistently troubled site into an amenity of genuine local value. Camden Gardens already provides the closest accessible green space to visitors from around the world who visit Camden Town; we can make this space safe, welcoming and fantastic.

Our goals

The reasons for redeveloping public space range from supporting cultural and sustainability endeavours to generating social value, civic pride and acting as a community connection point. Some are broad and long term, some are more important than others, while some are easier to deliver and unique to their location.

Develop and nourish the gardens and become a ‘great park’ in Camden

Develop new structural and administrative infrastructure to support creative activities and partnerships in Camden

Support creative arts and public engagement in the community

Reduce anti-social behaviour

Create and deliver cultural events and help establish easier access to the arts

Offer opportunities to artists (local, national and international)

Enhance the neighbourhood for locals and visitors

Promote and raise the profile of Camden and share the history of the park and area

Become a destination on the Camden and London art circuit

Engage Camden and London-wide initiatives

Desired outcomes and expected benefits

Increased use of green space

Enhanced support and opportunities to develop new (and support existing) creative activities and cultural and artistic partnerships

Increased opportunities for engagement and access to the creative arts in the community

Enhanced local experience provided by increased support and opportunities to engage with different communities within Camden and from around the world

Increased interaction between local residents, businesses, organisations and artists and a more coherent contribution to the Camden ‘story’

Heightened and clarified Camden brand visibility and historical background

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